Business Etiquette has never been so important for Young Adults

Business Etiquette has never been so important for Young Adults

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, knowing how to behave in the professional world has never been more important for sixth-formers and graduates. Both business and social skills are as important as qualifications in securing the next stage of a young adults progression.

Qualifications are the basic requirements in order for any student to be considered for an internship, permanent position in a company or university place. The next stage is the toughest part and this is about how they measure up compared with other aspirants. Decisions to reject candidates can often occur within the first five minutes of an interview so they must ensure they stand out from their peers from the outset.

The way a young man or lady greets a potential employer or Dean of a university, along with the subliminal messages they send out, will leave a lasting impression that can influence whether they are offered a position. For example, it is absolutely fundamental that they can confidently introduce themselves formally and others according to gender, age and rank, shake hands competently and hold an interesting conversation.

Often a candidate may not be the front-runner for a position, but if their social skills and good manners demonstrate that they will fit well into the desired environment then they can be offered the placement with an understanding that any lacking technical skills can be taught once they are on board.


Many city executives are now conducting interviews over lunch. Why? So they can observe how the candidate navigates chatting and eating at the same time, how well versed they are in dining etiquette and how they cope in a pressurized environment.

Creating a polished, professional image communicates confidence, executes presence and gravitas and ensures their impact is aligned to their qualifications and positioning. Did you know that 93% of a first impression is based on how we look and sound? The way we all carry ourselves tells the world what we are feeling so it is important for young adults to have full awareness of the messages that they are sending out.

Rightly or wrongly we employ people that we like and that we feel will fit in. The challenge for a candidate is to let their personality shine through showing a good balance of confidence, impeccable manners and emotional intelligence.