Young Adult’s Business Etiquette Course

The Young Adult’s Business Etiquette Course in London is designed to equip school leavers and graduates with skills that will set them apart from their peers.

In an increasingly competitive city, knowing how to behave in the professional world has never been more important. Creating a polished, professional image will communicate confidence, execute presence and gravitas, and ensure your impact is aligned with your qualifications and positioning.

Having the extra polish to back up your qualifications is a smart way to make you the front-runner for a permanent position or an internship opportunity, and this comprehensive training programme focuses on helping you create the right first impression, placing you above your peers and installing skills that you will benefit from for the rest of your career.

The session will equip you with essential English etiquette skills that will help you meet new acquaintances, build business relationships and achieve your goals and aspirations in one of the world’s leading financial centres.

Suitable for any nationality, Emma’s cross-cultural business experience will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease, while she equips you wish finesse, polish and confidence for the beginning of your new career.

A signed certificate will be presented on completion of this programme:

Subjects covered:

Introductions and Social Graces

  • Introducing yourself others correctly, and in accordance with rank
  • Shaking hands and social kissing in the workplace
  • The importance of small talk and the British sense of humour in business
  • Remembering people’s names
  • Correct use of the business card

Interview Technique

  • The art of the telephone interview
  • Preparation for a face to face interview
  • Preparation on the day
  • What to wear
  • The importance of small talk
  • Preparation of answers
  • Questions to ask the interviewer and why this is important
  • Thank you letters
  • Chasing a response
  • Preparation for a second interview

Dining Etiquette

  • The different types of service
  • Chinaware, glassware and flatware
  • Seating plans for formal & informal dining
  • How to hold flatware and glasses correctly
  • Napkin placement
  • The British place setting
  • When to start the business talk
  • How to eat tricky foods
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Passing the port
  • Toasts
  • Tipping

Posture & Body Language

  • Powerful posture
  • Standing tall and owning your space
  • Walking with authority
  • Sitting elegantly
  • Entering & leaving a room with style

Dress Code & Image

  • Dress codes explained – from Smart Casual to White Tie
  • Hair & grooming
  • Shoes, socks & hosiery
  • Shoe care and cleaning
  • Accessories & jewellery
  • Dress-down Friday
  • A business executives props


  • Use of social media and privacy settings
  • Control of knee-jerk reactions
  • Business letters
  • Business email
  • Creating a personal brand

Course Duration
6.5 Hours* – £795

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*Includes a one-course lunch with soft drinks