Two-Hour English Etiquette Skills
8 – 12 year olds

First Impressions & Social Graces

  • Introducing ourselves to new friends and adults
  • Shaking hands
  • The importance of eye contact and smiling
  • Small talk and conversation
  • Speaking with clear diction


  • Standing tall
  • Sitting well
  • Walking elegantly
  • Getting in and out of a car
  • Entering & leaving a room gracefully
  • Stairs and Lifts

    Dining Etiquette & Table Manners

    • Setting the table correctly
    • Being confident with holding and using all types of flatware (cutlery)
    • Which bread plate and glass to use
    • Napkin placement and use
    • Knowing when to start and pacing your meal
    • How to eat awkward cuisine
    • How to cope if things go wrong at the table
    • Passing and offering food
    • When to excuse yourself from the table
    • The difference between formal and informal dining

    Course Duration
    2 Hours – £475

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