Three options for responding to rude questions

Three options for responding to rude questions

This week’s ‘Ask Emma’ question is from several ladies who would like to know the correct etiquette for responding to a rude question.

The following video is an extract from Module 1 – Poised Introductions from my online signature programme, the Lady’s Social Etiquette & Empowerment Course. Here I provide:

1. Option 1 – A pleasant and kind way of declining to answer, so that one doesn’t hurt others’ feelings.

2. Option 2 – A direct method of declining to answer.

3. Option 3 – A ‘push back’ response which will trigger the person to reflect on what they have asked.

I do hope you find these suggestions useful. Establishing confident boundaries can do wonders for our self-assurance and, miraculously, others respect us more when we make it clear what our limits and standards are!