The Alumni Society


The Alumni Society is a complimentary membership club, available to ladies who complete a training course through The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette, London.

Whilst attending an etiquette course is a wonderful first step towards creating new opportunities for both business and social situations, without practice and reinforcement many of the skills learnt can be lost over a period of time.

The Alumni Society provides an opportunity to continue practicing and developing these skills, in a safe and friendly environment, led by Emma.

On completion of a course, clients will receive an invitation to join the society, giving them exclusive access to the following:

Complimentary soirées in London, where they will meet like-minded women, have the opportunity to practice their conversation and networking skills, as well as the chance to ask Emma questions which may have arisen since their training.

The opportunity to join Emma, and a small coterie of like-minded ladies, at luxury occasions such as the ballet, opera and events of the British season, enabling them to increase their social network, put their dress code skills into practice, and have fun in an elegant environment.

Refresher courses to help reinforce and deepen their knowledge.

Invitations to exclusive collaborations and events.