social Etiquette Courses - private tuition


The school’s signature programme, the Three-Day Etiquette & Empowerment Course, is specifically designed for ladies, from age 18, who wish to gain confidence in both their social and business lives.

This intensive programme teaches the necessary skills enabling ladies to fully achieve their potential with maximum impact, from handling challenging people to feeling confident and self-assured at large social gatherings.

It promises to equip the student with social confidence and business interpersonal skills so that they can fully make the most of their time in the UK, whether that is for a short visit or to live here on a more permanent basis. Read more...


The Lady’s One-Day Social Etiquette Course in London covers all aspects of English social etiquette and will equip ladies with knowledge and skills they need to meet new acquaintances, build new friendships and make the most of opportunities that come their way in the UK.

Suitable for any nationality, Emma’s cross-cultural experience will ensure you feel comfortable and at ease whilst she equips you with finesse, polish and discernment.

A signed certificate will be presented on completion of this programme, along with course notes for you to refer back to. Read more...


The Lady’s One-Day Dining Etiquette Course in London, UK, is designed to equip ladies with knowledge of the intricacies of British dining etiquette for both social and corporate situations

It covers both informal and formal occasions, from enjoying a simple supper in a local bistro, to attending a white tie gala dinner.

Emma will coach you step-by-step on everything you need to know, from arriving at the table and knowing where to place your bag, to navigating all the different pieces of cutlery, and of course what to do when something unexpected happens! Read more...


The Lady’s One-Day Confident Conversation Course has been designed specifically for those who lack self-assurance in social situations

Meeting new people should be an enjoyable experience, but for so many people it is a stressful time and one that can trigger severe social anxiety resulting in a mental freeze or a rambling stream of chit-chat in an attempt to overcome nerves.

This course will coach you through the process of understanding your blockages and it will equip you with useful skills on how to overcome them. You will then learn how to prepare for an important event and finally the delivery of confident conversation for both one-on-one and group scenarios. Read more...


The Season’ Lady’s Etiquette Course in London focuses on the all-important events, traditions and dress codes of ‘The Season’, from the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, to Royal Ascot and Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships.

You will learn how to plan ahead to get the most out of each event, what to wear and of course how to behave to ensure you do not unintentionally commit a faux pas! Read more...


The Rites of Passage Etiquette Course teaches ladies about the all-important ceremonies that mark a person’s life in the UK.

From birth announcements and confirmations, to divorce and funerals, you will learn what to expect at each event, along with what to wear, specific customs and traditions that should be honoured, and what present to choose. Read more...


The Engagement and Wedding Etiquette Course takes the bride on a journey from getting engaged and planning the day, to dealing with challenging family situations which often arise at what should be an exciting and memorable time.

During the course you will be taught the traditional aspects of an English wedding along with more contemporary choices and how they complement each other.  You will also be given help on how to manage everyone’s expectations and what is expected of each member of the wedding party. Read more...