One-Day social elegance course


The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette is delighted to offer the Ladies’ One-Day Social Elegance Group Tuition Course on various dates throughout the year.

This programme is designed to prepare ladies for their upcoming social occasions, ensuring they are confident in areas such as understanding British dress codes, what to expect when attending certain types of events, how to make an impressive entrance, and the art of making conversation with everyone they meet.

They will leave the course equipped with essential confidence skills enabling them to feel elegant, poised and refined at all their social engagements.

Full course notes will be provided for the students to refer back to in the future.

The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette is based in the heart of Mayfair, London, opposite the shops and boutiques of Bond Street and situated on Piccadilly, one of London’s most famous and beautiful streets, just moments away from The Ritz Hotel.

In order to honour the Covid-19 social distancing guidelines from the UK Government there will be a maximum of five ladies attending, which ensures the course remains safe, and allows plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our updated Terms & Conditions concerning the Covid-19 safety measures that we are taking along with our refund policy.

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course content:

  • Understanding formal invitations
  • How to prepare for an event
  • The art of elegance and creating positive energy
  • Understanding British dress codes
  • Making a confident entrance and introducing yourself
  • How to walk up to strangers and start a conversation
  • The art of small talk
  • How to politely excuse yourself from a conversation
  • Dealing with conversation faux pas
  • How to respond to rude or personal questions
  • Standing, walking and sitting elegantly
  • Social cards vs business cards
  • Hostess gifts
  • RSVP’s and thank you letters

‘Emma’s course was an absolute revelation! She is an extremely intelligent, gracious, generous and charming lady.

The course was delivered with care and sensitivity to all attendees. I was very pleased with the course content and my new ability to ‘de-code’ situations that were previously a complete mystery.

Understanding the “rules’ helps to avoid the dreadèd confidence-sapping “faux pas” that are all too easy to fall into in a new environment.

I wish I had met Emma when I first arrived in the UK!! I cannot recommend her enough.’ Anne, 2018.

I could not recommend Emma enough!

I have attended two of Emma’s courses over the past two years and have learnt so much.

Emma is so much more than an etiquette coach, she is an inspiration & a mentor. I look forward to attending more of her courses in the near future.’ Chantelle 2019.

course Duration: 6.5 Hours
group tuition
10.30 am – 5.00 pm
investment: £295

course dates:
saturday 12 september 2020

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saturday 28 november 2020

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A one-hour luncheon break will be given on all dates at the clients’ own cost.