Online Etiquette Classes

Through my Online Etiquette Classes I offer tuition on the most popular British etiquette topics that I teach. These courses are ideal for ladies wishing to gain immediate knowledge and skills on specific subjects and those wishing to learn at their own pace.

However, you will not be left entirely on your own; a private thirty-minute video coaching call with me is included with every online etiquette class, when I will answer any questions that arise during your studies.

what does each class include?

  • Pre-recorded video lessons, led exclusively by me (also available in audio version)
  • An online app so you can study at your convenience
  • Comprehensive notes
  • A thirty-minute private video coaching call with me, where I will answer your questions relating to British etiquette
  • Guaranteed lifetime access to the online etiquette class

how to join an online etiquette class

  • Click on one of the classes below to read the full syllabus
  • Register online; you will be granted access to the school's online training website so you can begin studying immediately
  • Learn at your own pace; there is no deadline for completion
  • Once you have completed the online etiquette class, I will invite you to schedule your private video coaching call for a mutually convenient time


"The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette takes an excellent approach on teaching traditional etiquette. Emma is an excellent coach and she makes you feel accomplished no matter where you are on your etiquette journey.

She reminds us of the fundamentals of Good Manners. Definitely recommend to anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of social and dining etiquette, or to just brush up on skills they already have in these areas."

Crismely - September 2020