the online etiquette academy

have you ever...

declined AN INVITATION from fear of attending the event alone?
lacked confidence when eating a tricky meal at a dinner party?
Worried your posture doesn't reflect the image you wISH to portray?
wished you felt more elegant and poised?
Felt confused with british culture and traditions?

if you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, please continue reading!

welcome to the online etiquette academy

The Online Etiquette Academy is designed for women of any nationality who wish to learn the intricacies of British social etiquette to develop a confident, elegant, and refined manner over eight months.

It offers access to the School's Signature Progamme, the Lady's British Social Etiquette & Empowerment Online Course, and the additional benefits detailed below. 

On the first of every month for eight months, you will receive a new training module comprising three prerecorded video lessons and comprehensive notes. These videos are followed by a group one-hour video coaching call with me later that month with the other ladies on your intake, where I will answer questions that have arisen.

All coaching calls are recorded and uploaded to your training website for you to rewatch at your leisure.

Upon completing that month's module, you will have time to practice the skills before moving on to the next topic, ensuring your confidence builds progressively and without overwhelm.

The Lady's British Social Etiquette & Empowerment Online Course will equip you with skills to achieve your potential with maximum impact. From handling challenging people and feeling self-assured at social gatherings to being beautifully dressed and poised at all your social and business events.

Upon completing the programme, I will invite you to join the school's Alumni Society. In this exclusive membership club, you can put your skills into practice at organised events in London, take your knowledge to a deeper level through advanced online courses, and join free video coaching calls every three months to answer questions that arise in your day-to-day life.

Lifetime access to all the course topics is guaranteed.

The Online Etiquette Academy is ideal for women who want to systematically study the Lady's British Social Etiquette & Empowerment Online Course. A further benefit of this option is learning from other ladies' questions during the monthly group video coaching calls, enabling you to delve deeper into real-life scenarios, and connect with like-minded women.

If you would prefer to receive access to all the course material immediately, plus private video coaching calls with me, the private tuition option may be more suitable. For more information, please click here.

  the benefits of completing this programme

clarity on what is acceptable behaviour IN THE UK
Maintaining authenticity while developing into the woman you desire to be
Developing an elegant and polished persona through carrying yourself well
The ability to make conversation with anyone you meet
Promotions at work as a result of your IMPROVED interpersonal skills
pleasure and confidence when dining in social and business environments
Skills to enable you to attend an event solo
increased understanding of OTHER cultures and showing empathy towards others
moving through life with positive energy and attracting more opportunities
Becoming an inspiration to other ladies and building new relationships

Membership of the online etiquette academy includes:

1. the lady's british social etiquette & empowerment online course

month one
poised introductions
  • Creating a good first impression
  • Introducing yourself correctly
  • Shaking hands & alternative greetings
  • Social kissing
  • Remembering peoples' names
  • Making small talk

month two
social graces
  • Writing a social elevator pitch
  • Preparation beforehand
  • Introducing others
  • How to walk up to strangers
  • Working the room with elegance
  • How to excuse yourself politely

month three
graceful deportment
  • Why deportment is so important
  • Body language signals
  • Standing with poise
  • Sitting elegantly & professionally
  • Correct lift etiquette
  • Ascending & descending stairs
  • Getting in and out of a car elegantly
month four
stylish dress codes
  • Casual
  • Smart Casual
  • Come as you are
  • Lounge Suits (Business)
  • Lounge Suits (Cocktail)
  • Black Tie
  • White Tie

month five
elegant dining
  • How an elegant woman dines
  • Different types of service in the UK
  • Chinaware, glassware, and flatware
  • Linens & table decorations
  • Seating plans
  • Holding flatware and glassware correctly
  • Napkin placement
  • The British place setting
  • How to eat tricky foods
  • How to handle mistakes and accidents
  • How to interpret who is paying the bill
  • Understanding the rules of tipping
month six
exquisite entertaining
  • Different types of invitations
  • Guest lists
  • Menu planning & wine pairing
  • Table settings & seating plans
  • The hosts' & guests' responsibilities
  • How to ask your guests to leave
  • Hostess gifts

month seven
sophisticated communication
  • A lady's ideal stationery collection
  • Writing formal and informal invitations
  • The importance of RSVP
  • Wedding invitations
  • Personal and business letters
  • Social media/Mobile phone manners

month eight
decadent afternoon tea
  • The history of Afternoon Tea
  • High Tea or Afternoon Tea
  • Dress codes and the tea gown
  • Correct style of sandwiches & fillings
  • The history of the scone & layering
  • Selecting tea & steeping
  • How to serve tea
  • Stirring & drinking tea correctly


You will be invited to join a monthly group video coaching call with me and the other members of The Online Etiquette Academy on the same intake to answer any questions that arise during your studies.

It also provides an opportunity to ask me about situations that occur in your day-to-day life when you begin putting your skills into practice.

The schedule for the monthly calls will be provided on registration; each one is recorded and uploaded to your membership site within 24 hours to revisit at any time in the future.

If you cannot make the live call, you can email your questions, and I will answer them during the session. You can then watch the replay at your leisure.

Emma Dupont
Online Community

3. private online community

As a member of The Online Etiquette Academy, you will be invited to join our private Facebook group, The Empowered Women's Community.

This group offers an opportunity to connect with other ladies on the same journey and ask questions, as well as a monthly complimentary online soirée hosted by me, where we address current topics and the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed format.

4. comprehensive notes

You will also receive comprehensive notes for each module, which you can print and file for easy reference.

The Online Academy
The Online Academy

5. Certificate of completion

Upon completing the programme, you will receive a Certificate of Completion to print and frame.

6. membership of the alumni society

The Alumni Society is a complimentary membership club, available to all ladies who complete the Lady's British Social Etiquette & Empowerment Course.

The Alumni Society
investment: £85 per month for 8 months

registration is open just three times a year

the next intake begins on 1 march 2022

Includes all taxes

prefer not to wait until march 2022?

the entire course is available to purchase
as a private course immediately

a few words from ladies who have completed this programme:

  • "Emma is an amazing woman and a true professional. Communication with her was always easy; she responded quickly, she helped with all sorts of questions that popped up during the module, and gave useful tips on different subjects.

    I will definitely come back to this lifetime access course as it covers lots of social topics and has practical lessons on how to behave, walk, react on different occasions.

    Thank you again , Emma. Keep shining!"

    Ola, November 2021

  • "I recently completed the Lady's Social Etiquette & Empowerment course online. The course is full of useful information covering various topics and social settings. The lessons have been broken down into several modules that are easy to follow and enjoyable to watch.

    Also, we were able to email any questions to Emma, which she would always promptly respond to no matter the question.

    Emma's passion for etiquette really shines through. Overall, it is a delightful and highly valuable course."

    Teresa, November 2021

  • "I was born in a family where good manners were appreciated. I've learned etiquette at the University as a special program for managers, but Emma elevated my understanding of etiquette to one level up and added more confidence and elegance.

    It was comfortable to learn the new lesson every month because I had enough time to absorb all the knowledge.

    Emma was charming, modest and sensitive even thought she was highly professional and really loved what she did."

    Tania, July 2021

  • "The way Emma teaches British etiquette makes it easy to understand that the spirit of each of these polite gestures is based on politeness rather than mere technicality.

    I can assure that thanks to the experience, good disposition and above all kindness with which she transmits her knowledge, this exceptional course stands out from the rest."

    Hermy, June 2021

  • "I'm so grateful to have been a part of the 'Lady's Social Etiquette and Empowerment' Course. I've learnt important life skills that has given me the much needed extra boost of confidence.

    I love how Emma has structured the course to cover all important areas and shared her valuable knowledge and skills by making the complex seem so easy and simple.

    This has been a major milestone in my journey of continual self development and one of the best investments I've ever made.

    I highly recommend this to everyone who wish to learn how to be confident, feel at ease socially and present the best version of yourself to the world."

    Sneha, June 2021

  • "The complete course is actually the best investment I have made this year. Mrs Dupont is a very friendly and knowledgeable Etiquette Expert. I consider her as a very inspiring and charming lifestyle coach. A mentor. What an expertise!

    I really enjoyed the video coaching call. I am looking forward to meet up with her in London! During a luncheon or at a fancy gala. I really recommend this course to all the ladies who would love to develop themselves."

    Hajare, February 2021

  • "Thank you for the excellent instruction through your British etiquette lessons. I learned so much about how to be confident in any social setting and about how important etiquette is to the maintenance of the social fabric among people.

    I also learned a lot on the Alumni Society Coaching call about business etiquette for women and managing cross-cultural relationships.

    You are amazingly generous with your knowledge and I am so grateful to have learned about your course. I look forward to future Alumni Society events and deepening my knowledge about social and business etiquette."

    Maria, January 2021

  • "The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette takes an excellent approach to teaching traditional etiquette. Emma is an excellent coach and she makes you feel accomplished no matter where you are on your etiquette journey.

    She reminds us of the fundamentals of good manners. I would definitely recommend her etiquette lessons to anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of social and dining etiquette, or to just brush up on skills they already have in these areas!"

    Crismely, November 2020

  • "The quality of this course is exquisite. I took this course in person with Emma and taking this course online again was as delightful as her etiquette lessons in Piccadilly.

    Emma kept her essence and transmitted her knowledge and grace in such a beautiful way that I learnt more techniques with these videos. The level of quality and instruction of this online course matches the depth of in-person training. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to refine my skills online. Emma kindly answers questions via e-mail, and video calls are also an option, so truly the only thing I am missing is Dinner and Afternoon Tea in London with Emma!

    Nora, October 2020

  • "This online course exceeded expectations. The etiquette lessons are packed with information, and the structure of the individual modules helps to facilitate retention of the knowledge.

    I often find myself re-reading my notes from the course and am so happy that I can re-watch the videos down the line if needed.


    Shefali, August 2020

  • " I had such a good time doing the Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course online. Each etiquette lesson was presented beautifully by Emma and was a pleasure to watch.

    All eight modules were informative and interesting and very relevant to life today. I really do feel enlightened and well prepared for any occasion that comes my way, safe in the knowledge that I have good etiquette!" 

    Melanie, May 2020

frequently asked questions

as a result of joining the online etiquette academy you will:

learn essential British etiquette, ensuring you avoid embarrassing yourself or others
establish your personal brand and develop into the woman you wish to be
feel confident to create and take new opportunities in all areas of your life