One-Day International
Etiquette Class


The one-day International Etiquette class provides the essential knowledge of social graces and dining etiquette across 11 countries; France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.A.E, Japan, China, India, Australia, Brazil and the U.S.A.

You will be coached on meeting and greeting, small talk, conversation skills and dress codes to ensure you create a wonderful first impression.

The afternoon session will focus on the customs, traditions and belief systems of these countries, and, in particular how to be a good guest when being hosted.

A signed certificate will be presented on completion of this programme:

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Social Graces

  • Greeting people ­ handshakes, kisses and others
  • Titles
  • Small Talk & Communication Styles
  • Understanding the sense of humour
  • Dress Codes
  • How to ensure you don¹t unintentionally offend

6.5 hours*
private tuition

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*A one-hour lunch break will be given

International Dining Etiquette & Being A Guest

  • What to expect when you are invited to an event/dinner party
  • Gifts and their meanings
  • RSVP
  • Arrival and Leaving Times
  • Cutlery and place settings
  • Food specific to that country and how to eat it
  • How to decline food graciously and ensuring you don¹t offend
  • Tipping