One-Day business dining etiquette & corporate entertaining course


The Lady's One-Day Business Dining Etiquette and Corporate Entertaining Course in London, UK, is designed to equip ladies with knowledge of the intricacies of British dining etiquette for all their corporate events. It covers both informal and formal lunches and dinners, from enjoying a simple supper in a local bistro to attending a white tie business dinner.

From when to start the business talk to the correct handling of flatware, one of the toughest tasks is talking and eating professionally and with confidence, especially with the opportunity for blunders around every corner!

You will learn the vital responsibilities of both a host and a guest, giving you complete confidence to extend invitations to others in your corporate environment, and of course the self-assurance to accept any future invitations.

Emma will also address the modern conundrum of chivalry and its place within a business relationship.

The course begins within the private training room at The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette in Mayfair, London, where you will be given ample opportunity to learn all the rules, gain confidence, and ask questions without any fear of embarrassment or self-consciousness.

Once you are equipped with these new skills, and your new level of confidence, you will then be escorted by Emma to The Ritz Hotel, London, where you will enjoy a three-course luncheon* within the Michelin-starred restaurant. Emma will guide you as you put everything into practice, with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the meal in a luxurious and glamorous environment.

You will also receive comprehensive notes for you to refer back to in the future.

In accordance with UK Government guidelines, please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our updated Terms & Conditions concerning the Covid-19 safety measures that we are taking along with our refund policy.

*Fixed price menu, non-alcoholic drinks included.

subjects covered


  • How an elegant businesswoman dines
  • The different types of service in the UK
  • Chinaware, glassware and flatware
  • Seating plans for business meals
  • Holding flatware and glassware correctly
  • Napkin placement
  • The British place setting
  • How to eat tricky foods
  • How to handle mistakes and accidents
  • How to ascertain who is paying the bill
  • Toasts
  • Understanding the laws of tipping in the UK
  • When to start the business talk


  • Choosing the type of event to host
  • Hosting at home and at restaurants
  • Different types of invitations
  • Composing the guest list
  • When and how to assemble a receiving line
  • Seating plans in accordance with precedence
  • Menu planning and wine pairing
  • How to ensure a successful event
  • Toasts and speeches
  • Corporate gift-giving


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'I just took Emma’s class on English manners. It was outstanding. As I explained the notes that I took to my husband, his constant remark was “I didn’t know that” or, I will have to unlearn Paris manners.

We definitely have to unlearn some American Etiquette if we want to blend in, and that is just being respectful when you live in another country. Much of what we learned can be used for any country, which makes it so worthwhile.

Loved every minute, and she has a great sense of humor! Originally, I was a tiny bit hesitant about the price, but now that I know how valuable the information is, I told her I want to sign up for another class in the future.' Lorraine 2018

'It was such a wonderful experience over the past three days. I do believe that the course has not only taught me a lot about etiquette but also empowered me and changed my perspective to a great extent.

Thank you so much for organising the amazing course and being so supportive.' Zoe, 2019