Lady’s Three-Day Etiquette & Empowerment Course

Emma Dupont’s Signature Programme, the Lady’s Three-Day Etiquette & Empowerment Course, has been specifically designed for women who wish to gain confidence in both their social and business lives.

This intensive programme teaches the necessary skills enabling you to fully achieve your potential with maximum impact, from handling challenging people to feeling confident and self-assured at large social gatherings.

A framed certificate will also be provided along with notes for you to keep and refer back to in the future.

Day 1

Introductions & Social Graces

  • Introducing yourself and others correctly
  • Shaking hands and social kissing
  • Remembering people’s names
  • Small talk and the British sense of humour

Powerful Posture and Body Language

  • Sitting with poise
  • Knowing how to stand and walk elegantly and professionally
  • Entering and leaving a room with style
  • Getting in and out of a car

Successful Social and Business Networking

  • Preparing beforehand
  • How to write a brilliant social and business elevator pitch
  • Speaking with confidence
  • Name badges and where to wear them
  • How to walk up to strangers
  • How to include others
  • Working the room
  • How to excuse yourself politely but firmly
  • Following up effectively

Professional & Personal Presence

  • What message does your appearance send?
  • What message does your body language send?
  • Facial expressions
  • Being aware of distracting mannerisms
  • Personal grooming
  • A business persons props
  • Dress codes

Day 2

Entertaining at Home

  • Different types of invitations
  • Guest Lists & menu planning
  • Food and wine pairing
  • Table settings and seating plans
  • Aperitifs and digestives
  • Toasts and speeches
  • The role of the guest
  • Hostess gifts

Dining Etiquette

  • The different types of service
  • Chinaware, glassware and flatware
  • Linens & table decorations
  • Seating plans for formal & informal dining
  • How to hold flatware and glasses correctly
  • Napkin placement
  • The British place setting
  • How to eat tricky foods
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Passing the port
  • Tipping

You will then enjoy a delicious three-course luncheon* with Emma at The Ritz Hotel, London to put your new dining skills into practice.

*Three-course fixed priced menu including soft drinks.

Corporate Hospitality

  • Home versus restaurant dining
  • Different types of invitations
  • Guest lists & seating plans
  • Toasts & speeches
  • Receiving Lines
  • Drinks parties
  • Corporate gift giving

Day 3

Achieving Successful Relationships & Handling Conflict

  • Fundamentals of Friendship
  • Family Courtesy
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Neighbourly Love
  • How to deal with the most challenging of people

Written Communication

  • The essential stationery wardrobe
  • Wedding invitations
  • Personal letters and thank you notes
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Manners
  • Business letters
  • Business email

The course will conclude with Afternoon Tea at Fortnum & Mason’s Diamond Jubilee Salon where you will learn the customs, history and etiquette of this quintessential pastime over sandwiches, scones and cakes along with a glass of champagne to celebrate your completion of the course.

3 Day Course
Private Tuition

Group prices on request.

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