How a teacup and saucer should be held

Community Question:

“How is the proper way of holding a cup of tea and the saucer?”

It’s National Afternoon Tea Week, which presents the perfect opportunity to answer a question from a lady in my community about how to hold a teacup and saucer.

The correct way to hold your teacup is to squeeze the handle with your thumb and index finger while resting the handle on your third finger and then, using the rest of your fingers, press against the cup to balance it, as I demonstrate in the image below.

If you are sitting at a high table (dinner table), the saucer should remain on it.

If you are sitting at a low table (perhaps in a comfortable armchair), then the cup and saucer should be lifted to just waist level, and you should continue to hold the saucer within the palm of your left hand while lifting the cup to your mouth, as also demonstrated in this image.