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ladies’ three-day etiquette & empowerment course

The Ladies’ Three-Day Etiquette & Empowerment Course in London, UK, is the school’s signature etiquette course and is designed specifically for ladies, from age 18, who wish to gain confidence in both their social and business lives, whilst meeting like-minded women. This intensive programme teaches the necessary skills enabling ladies to fully achieve their potential with maximum impact, from handling challenging people to feeling confident and self-assured at large social gatherings.

It promises to equip ladies with social confidence and business interpersonal skills so that they can fully make the most of their time in the UK, whether that is for a short visit or to live here permanently. There will be a maximum of seven ladies attending which ensures the course remains intimate, allowing plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

You will be presented with a framed certificate on completion of the course, along with course notes for you to refer back to.

In addition, you will receive complimentary lifetime access to the school’s online training programme, the Lady’s Social Etiquette & Empowerment Course, enabling you to refresh your skills whenever required through video tutorials led by Emma Dupont.

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ladies’ one-day social elegance course

The Ladies’ One-Day Social Elegance Course in London, UK, is designed to prepare ladies for their upcoming social occasions, ensuring they are confident in areas such as understanding what to wear, what to expect when attending certain types of events in the UK, and how to make an impressive entrance.

Emma will also equip you with the all-important skill of walking into a room full of strangers and initiating conversation, and how to carry yourself well in both professional and social situations, ensuring that you stand, walk and sit with elegance and poise.

By the end of this course you will feel self-assured and confident to accept any invitation that comes your way, safe in the knowledge that you have the necessary skills to enjoy every moment.

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ladies’ one-day dining etiquette course

The Ladies’ One-Day Dining Etiquette course in London, UK, is designed to equip ladies with knowledge of the intricacies of British dining etiquette for both social and corporate situations. It covers both informal and formal occasions, from enjoying a simple supper in a local bistro, to attending a white tie gala dinner.

The course begins at The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette where attendees will be taught the theory of dining etiquette such as setting the table correctly, handling flatware and glassware properly, and what to do if they make a mistake!

Equipped with these new skills, you will then be escorted by Emma to The Ritz Hotel, London, where you will enjoy a three-course luncheon within the Michelin-starred restaurant.

Emma will be there to guide you as you put everything into practice, with the opportunity to ask questions throughout the meal.

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ladies’ afternoon tea etiquette course at the ritz hotel, london

The Ladies’ Afternoon Tea Course at The Ritz Hotel, London, UK is a quintessential British experience providing the elegance and charm of a by-gone era. You will join Emma and a small group of other-like-minded ladies at The Ritz Hotel’s famous Palm Court for the decadent afternoon tea etiquette course in London, UK, an experience not to be missed.

From the marriage of Kings Charles II to Catherine of Braganza, to Anna Maria Russell the 7th Duchess of Bedford, you will learn about the rich social history of how this meal came about, along with how to enjoy each element of this fabulous indulgence.

The menu offers guests a vast selection of loose leaf teas, finger cut sandwiches with traditional fillings, a selection of tea cakes and pastries as well as warm baked scones with strawberry preserve and rich Devonshire clotted cream.

Emma will be there to coach and guide you as well as to answer any questions you have concerning British etiquette.

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