one-day confident conversation


The Confident Conversation Course has been designed specifically for those who lack self-assurance in social situations.

It is has been proven that we make up our minds about someone within the first seven seconds of meeting them. Whilst we may feel this is unfair, it is unfortunately the way human beings are designed; it acts as a protection mechanism against perceived danger.

Meeting new people should be an enjoyable experience, but for so many people it is a stressful time and one that can trigger severe social anxiety resulting in a mental freeze or, on the other end of the spectrum, a rambling stream of chit-chat in an attempt to overcome nerves.

This course will coach you through the process of understanding your blockages and it will equip you with useful skills on how to overcome them. You will then learn how to prepare for an important event and finally the delivery of confident conversation for both one-on-one and group scenarios.

You will be presented with a framed certificate on completion of the course, along with notes to keep and refer back to in the future.

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subjects covered:

what is holding you back?

  • Defining your purpose, values and beliefs
  • How your thoughts are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy
  • Why you should stop expecting others to like you
  • Why confidence is so magnetic
  • Understanding personality types
  • How to channel your Sasha Fierce alter ego
  • Body language signals

6.5 Hours

£725 private tuition

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Preparation before an event

  • Getting comfortable with talking about yourself
  • Preparing your elevator pitch
  • The importance of pauses and speaking slowly
  • Conversation starters
  • Going deeper with your questioning
  • Taboo subjects
  • Developing captivating story telling skills

on the day

  • Walking up to strangers and starting a conversation
  • Working the room
  • Introducing people and including others in your conversation
  • Dealing with challenging people
  • How to respond to questions you don’t wish to answer
  • Ending a conversation politely but firmly
  • Social/calling cards vs business cards

‘Taking Emma Dupont’s etiquette classes are simply amazing. Emma has given me an insight into the world of etiquette, which has made such a difference in my life.

Emma teaches in a complete and comprehensive manner which enables you completely understand the mechanics and whys of etiquette, manners and respect. Thank you so much Emma, you are truly an inspiration to me.’ Elizabeth