Etiquette Class


The Family Etiquette Class in London is a two-hour programme providing a fun and informative introduction into English Etiquette and how to be proper.

The course begins in one of Mayfair’s prestigious locations whereupon all members of the family will be taught how to introduce themselves correctly and act like a true English person. The programme is completed in one of London’s elegant patisseries where you will learn the basics of English etiquette over a hot drink and pastry.

Subjects covered:

  • How to shake hands like a true English Person
  • How to sit, stand and walk with style
  • How young ladies should get in a car and how young gentlemen should help
  • How to speak with an English accent
  • The perfect bow or curtsy for when you meet Royalty
  • Competition to guess the correct English word with a prize at the end
  • A pastry and hot drink at a patisserie in Mayfair to learn basic dining etiquette

£495 for a
family of 4

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