Family Dining
Etiquette Class

A Family Dining Etiquette Class in London is a very popular activity, and can be the perfect precursor to an evening at the theatre in the West End.

The class is delivered over a two-course supper in one of London’s prominent restaurants, whereby all members of the family will learn how to dine with style and elegance, and also learn what to do if something goes wrong at the table!

Subjects covered:

  • How to signal to waiting staff
  • Who sits where in a restaurant
  • How to hold Cutlery and Glass
  • Napkin Placement
  • How to eat tricky foods
  • How to excuse yourself from the table
  • How to cope with unfamiliar food
  • How to deal with inevitable dining blunders
  • Tipping in the UK

£670 for a family of 4

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