Family & Teenager’s
Etiquette Classes

The Family, Teenagers and Children’s Etiquette Classes are suitable for both visitors to London and those who reside here permanently.

If you are looking for a quintessential English etiquette experience, combining both fun and knowledge of the customs and traditions of the UK, then the family packages are ideal for all ages.

For those relocating to the city, one of the most challenging issues facing international children moving to London, or having already relocated to the city, is learning how to make new friends, fit into a new school and subsequently excel in their early years.

Children thrive on boundaries and being taught from a very early age the appropriateness of their behavior, particularly in public. This can be difficult for parents even in their country of origin but, coupled with the move to a new country, it can often feel like an overwhelming task.

The children’s and teenager’s courses teach the social skills they need to build strong self-esteem and delightful confidence in their new surroundings. There will be ample opportunity for children to ask questions in a relaxed and fun atmosphere and light refreshments will be provided in the 8-11 year old classes to enable the children to practice their new English dining etiquette skills.

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