Afternoon Tea Class


A Family Afternoon Tea Class in London is the quintessential way to spend a leisurely few hours in one of the city’s most beautiful establishments.

From the marriage of Kings Charles II to Catherine of Braganza, to Anna Maria Russell the 7th Duchess of Bedford, you will learn about the rich social history of how this meal came about, along with how to enjoy each element of this fabulous indulgence.

The programme will take place within the stunning pale green Edwardian-style tea salon at Fortnum and Mason in Mayfair.

Subjects covered:

the history

  • King Charles II to Catherine de Braganza
  • The Seventh Duchess of Bedford
  • The difference between High Tea and Afternoon Tea
  • The Victorian Tea Rooms
  • How Dress Codes have changed throughout the years


  • Traditional fillings and shapes
  • How to eat your finger sandwiches and other savories
  • Correct layering of your scone
  • Use of the patisserie fork

£670 for a family of 4

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  • Black, White & Green Tea
  • How to brew, steep and serve
  • The importance of loose leaf tea
  • Milk first or last?
  • Strainers, teapots, teacups, teaspoons
  • How to hold your cup & saucer
  • How to stir your tea correctly


  • Invitations for Tea
  • Pacing your meal
  • Use of napkins
  • Correct flatware for Afternoon Tea