Etiquette Courses - private tuition


The Lady's Social Etiquette Courses in London are designed specifically for international ladies who are visiting or relocating to the UK and wish to take a private course that is tailored to their needs.

The course duration ranges from two-hour masterclasses to the school's signature three-day course, where they will learn skills that will empower them and give them confidence for the new stage of their life.

The courses cover the key elements of British etiquette such as meeting new people, dining elegantly, dressing appropriately and of course how a lady should carry herself.  Read more...


The Lady's Business Etiquette Courses in London are specifically designed for international ladies wishing to learn British business etiquette. Courses aim to empower them in the corporate world whilst developing confidence and gravitas.

Each one-day course covers the essential skills required to become a successful businesswoman in one of the world's leading financial centres.

Emma Dupont has over fifteen years of previous experience within the corporate sector in London and her courses are taught from this array of experience. Read more...