Case Study – From Socially Anxious to Deliciously Confident

Case Study – From Socially Anxious to Deliciously Confident

Anna* moved to London from The Ukraine eighteen months ago when she married an English gentleman. At first she was very excited to be living in a city that she had always dreamt about, but, as time passed the novelty had faded and the cultural differences became more and more apparent.

Her lack of confidence reached a crescendo one evening at a drinks party when she was trying her best to chat with a group of English ladies. Due to the language difference (nothing ever translates exactly), along with her lack of knowledge surrounding English small talk she asked, what transpired as, an inappropriate question.

Anna didn’t know what she had said to offend this particular lady, but it was clear that a faux pas had been committed which left Anna suffering with severe social anxiety, to the point where she was avoiding social events.

I had the privilege of tutoring Anna through my Signature Programme, the Lady’s Three-Day Etiquette & Empowerment Course, during which time I coached her on the cultural differences between our countries, how to make a confident and outstanding first impression, dining with ease, and ensuring her personal brand was shining through in her business life.

We also enjoyed a wonderful three-course luncheon at The Ritz Hotel, London where she was able to put her formal dining skills into practice, safe in the knowledge that I was there to put her at ease and help her.

Anna left my programme with a renewed sense of excitement about her life in London, and she has since been in contact to tell me how different she feels about meeting new people, and also how her husband is so proud of her.

She now looks forward to social engagements and has also joined a business networking club, something she would not have even considered a few months ago.

Nothing brings me greater pleasure than to see how these skills can transform someone’s confidence and bring elegance, grace and empowerment into their lives.

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*Names have been changed so as to protect my client’s privacy