Graceful Deportment and Stylish Dress Codes Class

The Graceful Deportment and Stylish Dress Codes Online Etiquette Class contains the topics that will add the finishing touches to your elegant demeanour and begins with focusing on how you should carry yourself.

Did you know that we send a message to the world about what we are thinking and feeling by how we move our body? Therefore, it is imperative that we see the message we are communicating through our deportment and that it reflects the image we wish to portray.

Only when this foundation is in place should we look to add the elements of styling and accessorising. We must not underestimate the power of dressing well; in the second module, you will learn the specific dress codes to the UK, along with suggestions of what is appropriate to wear to particular events.

graceful deportment and stylish dress codes online class syllabus

1. video coaching lessons
module one
graceful deportment
  • Why deportment is so important
  • Body language signals
  • Standing with poise
  • Elegant & professional walking styles
  • Correct lift etiquette
  • Ascending & descending stairs
module two
stylish dress codes
  • Casual
  • Smart casual
  • Come as you are
  • Lounge Suits (Business)
  • Lounge Suits (Casual)
  • Black tie
  • White tie


Upon completing the Graceful Deportment and Social Graces Online Etiquette Class you will be invited to join a private video coaching call with me to answer any questions that arise during your studies.

It also provides an opportunity to ask about situations that occur in your day-to-day life, enabling you to put the skills you have learned into context. I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for the video coaching call.

3. comprehensive notes

You will receive comprehensive notes to print and refer back to

investment (including all taxes): £199

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a few words from ladies that have taken this course:

"The quality of this course is exquisite. I took this course in person with Emma and taking this course online again was as delightful as her classes in Piccadilly.

Emma kept her essence and transmitted her knowledge and grace in such a beautiful way that I learnt more techniques with these videos. The level of quality and instruction of this online course matches the depth of in-person training. Everything is enjoyable and easy to learn - the videos, the summaries, the notes, and the quizzes!

I am very grateful to have the opportunity to refine my skills online. Emma kindly answers questions via e-mail, and video calls are also an option, so truly the only thing I am missing is Dinner and Afternoon Tea in London with Emma."

Nora, July 2020

"Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I've learned tremendously!"

Ana Clara, May 2020