Etiquette Workshops

The half-day Business Etiquette Workshop is suitable for individuals and small groups who wish to equip themselves with a basic knowledge of English business etiquette.

It is ideal for international professionals who wish to brush up on their skills ready for a new position or a big event, and it is also suitable for those just starting out in their careers

& Networking

  • Introducing yourself correctly
  • Introducing others in accordance with rank
  • Business small talk and the British sense of humour
  • Networking and following up effectively

& Image

  • Standing, sitting and walking to create the right impression
  • Dress codes in business and business social events


  • When to choose lunch or dinner
  • Preparation beforehand
  • What makes a successful event?
  • Seating plans in accordance with rank
  • Role of the host
  • Receiving lines
  • Toasts and Speeches

Course Duration
3 Hours

Price on Enquiry

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Programmes can also be bespoke to your requirements.