Etiquette Classes

Designed specifically for international professionals and businesses relocating to London, the Business Etiquette Courses equip both individuals and companies with an in-depth knowledge of the relevant codes of conduct within London’s business world.

Professional success is not only dependent on business acumen, it is also largely influenced by the ability to build good relationships with clients, colleagues and business partners. Transitioning from instinctively knowing the protocol in one country to suddenly being in a new city with all of its nuances and unwritten rules can be unsettling.

With fifteen years experience working in the City of London within the corporate sector, Emma Dupont’s tuition is based on a wealth of wisdom and knowledge of working in one of the world’s leading financial centres. This ensures you will be well equipped with the relevant skills and knowledge to build new relationships quickly and confidently.

The Young Adult’s Business Skills Training Programme is aimed specifically at young people about to enter the workplace, either for part-time experience, internships or full time positions. Competition is fierce in the capital and acquiring skills such as interview etiquette, good posture and strong verbal communication is essential in standing out from other candidates.

Both the Business Etiquette and Young Adult’s Business Etiquette Classes range from one-hour sessions to bespoke courses over several days covering all areas of English business etiquette. Training can be delivered as private one-to-one sessions or within groups.

One-Hour Business Etiquette Presentations

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Three-Hour Business Etiquette Workshops

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One-day Young Adult Business Course

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One Hour Business Etiquette Q&A

Your Own Private Q&A Session

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