Why authentic elegance can only be achieved by cleaning the inside of the cup first

Why Authentic Elegance can only be Achieved by Cleaning the Inside of the Cup First

Ladies wishing to be transformed into someone similar to Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn sometimes contact me asking if I can achieve this within a two-hour masterclass. 

Often, they are seduced by the appearance of a celebrity or icon, and what the media has portrayed them to be, which is understandable.

However, it is really important for my clients to understand that whilst clothing, make-up and posture are important, they are only the finishing touches to the inner work that should take priority.

To emulate someone gracious, our elegance must come from our hearts. To quote the famous designer, Karl Lagerfeld:

 ‘The elegance is as physical, as moral quality that has nothing common with the clothing. You can see a countrywoman more elegant than one so called elegant woman.’

Firstly, it is essential to have one manner with everyone, from the person who serves our morning coffee, to the CEO of a company. Our ‘airs and graces’ should not be accelerated in accordance with another person’s social position, nor should we blow with the wind depending on our state of mind. 

It is absolutely essential that we begin by really thinking about who we want to be in this world, the qualities that we need to possess to become that person, and how we wish to carry ourselves. Consideration should be given to the following traits:

  • How do you wish others to feel when they are in your company?
  • What are your values and beliefs? What are you prepared to stand by at all cost?
  • How can you do your part to leave the world in a slightly better place?
  • How can you help others achieve success, as well as reaching your own goals?
  • How can you be an inspiration to others?

Secondly, not all of us are meant to look like the typical ‘elegant’ woman, and wouldn’t life be boring if we did!

In our journey of growth and transformation, is absolutely vital that we remain authentic to our true selves. We are all completely unique in this world, and our life-long task is to find out who we truly are, and become the best version of that.

And guess what? The result is that we may not finish up looking anything like Audrey Hepburn on the outside, but possess all the qualities of a kind, poised and self-assured person on the inside.

Of course, the final stage is when you start to paint the exterior to this work of art called ‘you’. An exterior that really reflects the person you are, through your choice of personal grooming, posture and style. 

Throughout all of my lady’s courses I strive to inspire my clients to become a stronger version of themselves. After all, no-one can be changed, just enhanced.