5 Ways to be Pompous in under a Minute

5 Ways to be Pompous in under a Minute

‘Pompous; feeling or showing that you think you are better or more important than other people’. Cambridge Dictionary…

One of the occasional frustrations of my job is other people’s perception of what etiquette is and how it should be depicted in everyday life.

For some, they may have experienced, on occasion, a person from the upper-classes who has exuded an air of arrogance or a condescending manner, perhaps using others’ mistakes to highlight their shortcomings.

Or maybe someone who has recently acquired wealth and feels that they have the right to patronise those less successful or educated than they are.

Well, in the event that you are in any doubt as to whether you exude these characteristics, (which is highly unlikely if you are reading this article!) here are my 5 top sure-fire ways to achieving a pompous demeanour :

1. Look down on others because they come from a poor family or disadvantaged background. Etiquette means showing empathy with people from all walks of life.

2. Use money as power and the most important aspect of life. Etiquette is about inspiring others to pursue their dreams, with the aim of leaving a legacy and inspiration to the next generation.

3. Display an arrogant manner due to feeling superior to others. Arrogance is actually a form of insecurity; true confidence comes from a place of peace and ease, and manifests itself as kindness towards others.

4. Believe that you are entitled to success because you have had the good fortune of being born into wealth. Etiquette is about showing respect for others’ hard work and celebrating that success with them.

5. Purchase a designer outfit and bag, believing it will transform you into a classy and sophisticated woman. True style is achieved by being well-groomed and put together within any budget, and most importantly, it comes from a positive attitude and kindness.