Welcome to The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette, specialising in British etiquette lessons for international ladies. Courses are designed specifically for women who wish to learn British etiquette to gain confidence and a clear understanding of the British way of conducting themselves.

I provide a comprehensive learning pathway through The Online Etiquette Academy, which can be accessed globally, taking women through British etiquette's foundation subjects to the more advanced topics.

As your coach and mentor, I will guide you and support you on your path into a life where you feel confident to create and take opportunities that come your way.

how i can help you

Through my etiquette lessons, my sole aim is to equip you with the confidence to approach any situation in the UK with ease, regardless of your nationality, education, or background.

I know how confusing the British culture can be (even though I am British!), with our nuances and, often, satirical sense of humour.

My job throughout your course is to help you decode the intricacies of our society, enabling you to meet new acquaintances with ease and build solid friendships while gaining a sense of peace and self-assurance.


why not begin with a FREE BRITISH SOCIAL etiquette lesson?

During this three-part video series, I share three essential British social etiquette tips that you can implement immediately.

These invaluable skills will help you feel more confident in social situations in the UK and experience my teaching style and philosophy before committing to my membership programme.


my experience

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little more about myself and my journey to becoming a Certified Etiquette Coach.

I began my career path in the Finance Sector, gaining fifteen years of experience working in the City of London as a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser.

During the last five years of this career, my clients comprised of many nationalities. As our long-term professional relationship deepened, I learnt about their frustrations surrounding understanding British culture and their need for British etiquette lessons.

Many of my clients had moved to the UK from countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia, and were finding it hard to integrate with British people due to cultural differences.

Some were even suffering from social anxiety, and this was rather heartbreaking to hear. After all, it is challenging to feel truly happy and settled if one feels misunderstood, which can lead to low self-esteem and uncertainty.

This experience led me to take a keen interest in etiquette and cultural differences and how gaining knowledge through etiquette lessons and implementing the skills could significantly influence confidence and success.

Subsequently, I decided to embark on a career change, retrain, and gain my Etiquette Coach Certification. It is the best decision I have ever made!

I have been coaching and mentoring international ladies through my etiquette lessons for the last seven years, helping them gain confidence, elegance, and poise through my British etiquette courses in London.

Following the global pandemic, I decided to take my business entirely online, enabling me to connect with far more women globally who wish to learn these skills from the comfort of their homes. As a result, I have extensive experience with various cross-cultural diversities.

I am passionate about equipping ladies with life-enhancing confidence skills through my work as an Etiquette Coach.

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what previous clients SAY about my etiquette lessons

  • "Emma is an amazing woman and a true professional. Communication with her was always easy; she responded quickly, she helped with all sorts of questions that popped up during the module, and gave useful tips on different subjects.

    I will definitely come back to this lifetime access course as it covers lots of social topics and has practical lessons on how to behave, walk, react on different occasions.

    Thank you again , Emma. Keep shining!"

    Ola, November 2021

  • "I was born in a family where good manners were appreciated. I've learned etiquette at the University as a special program for managers, but Emma elevated my understanding of etiquette to one level up and added more confidence and elegance.

    It was comfortable to learn the new lesson every month because I had enough time to absorb all the knowledge.

    Emma was charming, modest and sensitive even thought she was highly professional and really loved what she did."

    Tania, July 2021

  • "The way Emma teaches British etiquette makes it easy to understand that the spirit of each of these polite gestures is based on politeness rather than mere technicality.

    I can assure that thanks to the experience, good disposition and above all kindness with which she transmits her knowledge, this exceptional course stands out from the rest."

    Hermy, June 2021

  • "I'm so grateful to have been a part of the 'Lady's Social Etiquette and Empowerment' Course. I've learnt important life skills that has given me the much needed extra boost of confidence.

    I love how Emma has structured the course to cover all important areas and shared her valuable knowledge and skills by making the complex seem so easy and simple.

    This has been a major milestone in my journey of continual self development and one of the best investments I've ever made.

    I highly recommend this to everyone who wish to learn how to be confident, feel at ease socially and present the best version of yourself to the world."

    Sneha, June 2021

  • "The complete course is actually the best investment I have made this year. Mrs Dupont is a very friendly and knowledgeable Etiquette Expert. I consider her as a very inspiring and charming lifestyle coach. A mentor. What an expertise!

    I really enjoyed the video coaching call. I am looking forward to meet up with her in London! During a luncheon or at a fancy gala. I really recommend this course to all the ladies who would love to develop themselves."

    Hajare, February 2021

  • "Thank you for the excellent instruction through your British etiquette lessons. I learned so much about how to be confident in any social setting and about how important etiquette is to the maintenance of the social fabric among people.

    I also learned a lot on the Alumni Society Coaching call about business etiquette for women and managing cross-cultural relationships.

    You are amazingly generous with your knowledge and I am so grateful to have learned about your course. I look forward to future Alumni Society events and deepening my knowledge about social and business etiquette."

    Maria, January 2021

  • "The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette takes an excellent approach to teaching traditional etiquette. Emma is an excellent coach and she makes you feel accomplished no matter where you are on your etiquette journey.

    She reminds us of the fundamentals of good manners. I would definitely recommend her etiquette lessons to anyone seeking to broaden their understanding of social and dining etiquette, or to just brush up on skills they already have in these areas!"

    Crismely, November 2020

  • "The quality of this course is exquisite. I took this course in person with Emma and taking this course online again was as delightful as her etiquette lessons in Piccadilly.

    Emma kept her essence and transmitted her knowledge and grace in such a beautiful way that I learnt more techniques with these videos. The level of quality and instruction of this online course matches the depth of in-person training. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to refine my skills online. Emma kindly answers questions via e-mail, and video calls are also an option, so truly the only thing I am missing is Dinner and Afternoon Tea in London with Emma!

    Nora, October 2020

  • "This online course exceeded expectations. The etiquette lessons are packed with information, and the structure of the individual modules helps to facilitate retention of the knowledge.

    I often find myself re-reading my notes from the course and am so happy that I can re-watch the videos down the line if needed.


    Shefali, August 2020

  • " I had such a good time doing the Social Etiquette and Empowerment Course online. Each etiquette lesson was presented beautifully by Emma and was a pleasure to watch.

    All eight modules were informative and interesting and very relevant to life today. I really do feel enlightened and well prepared for any occasion that comes my way, safe in the knowledge that I have good etiquette!" 

    Melanie, May 2020