The Emma Dupont School of Etiquette offers etiquette courses in London, UK, designed specifically for international ladies who wish to educate themselves with knowledge of British social and business etiquette, as well as acquire confidence, elegance and poise.

Emma Dupont’s mission is to help her clients develop important skills that will support both their social and business lives, enabling them to become refined and polished in every situation.

All courses are taught by Emma, the founder of the school, ensuring each client receives the highest standard of training.

In the following video Emma explains the types of ladies that benefit from acquiring these skills, the relevance of the information in modern society, and what to expect should you decide to register for a course.

I have to say I wish I knew Emma Dupont 10 years ago…taking this course was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.

Etiquette is something so important but unfortunately something not imposed in our everyday lives. Emma taught me vital things on business and social etiquette. She is a magnificent instructor and her classes are highly interesting and dynamic.

I could write pages of how valuable it has been applying all these principles since I took the course. I feel very grateful to have met Emma and to have learnt British culture through her.

It was my first time in London and Emma made me feel very welcome, she is extremely attentive, courteous and kind – beautiful manners and etiquette.’

Nora, September 2018

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