The Theory of English Dining Etiquette Masterclass

Belgravia, London

Tuesday 25th April 2017

6pm – 8pm

The Two-Hour Theory of English Dining Etiquette Masterclass will provide you with everything you need to know from dining in a local bistro to attending a government white tie dinner.

There is so much more to dining etiquette than the basics of not eating with your mouth full and keeping your elbows off the table, from making conversation to the correct handling of flatware, one of the toughest tasks is talking and eating with poise and finesse, especially with the opportunity for blunders around every corner.

In addition to the core subjects detailed there will also be ample opportunity for attendees to ask those, sometimes, awkward questions and there will be open discussions for everyone to share their experiences in a safe and relaxed environment. To find out more about the course content please see the full course brochure: The Theory of English Dining Etiquette Masterclass Brochure.



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