Ladies Etiquette Classes

The Ladies Etiquette Classes in London have been designed specifically for international women moving to or residing in London wishing to learn how to integrate into the British way of life.

Initially, the most important tasks are about finding a new home and suitable schools for children but, once these have been completed, many ladies then discover that making new friends and fully enjoying the English way of life can be labored and often confusing.

Emma Dupont’s Ladies Etiquette Classes will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel in every area of your social life.

Pre-designed programmes start from just two-hour sessions to prepare you for an important event, to three-day courses empowering you to excel in all areas of your social and business lives. Bepsoke programmes can also be designed for your requirements.

In addition to the specified subjects there will also be ample opportunity for you to ask those often awkward questions, and share your experiences in a safe and relaxed environment.

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